My Mom

This is the third in a three day series about Mother’s Day. These thoughts came because of recent events and I decided to share them in one fell swoop.

Mother’s Day. Lonita Roberts McGill, among my friends’ moms, was the “young mom”, “the beautiful Mom”, and the mom who had four children within five years. I am the oldest and was often called “Bossy” by my siblings. My athletic mom loved to play tennis, dabbled in art, taught high school math for 35 years and always loved new places and adventures. Thirty years ago, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis; but she still kept traveling with my Dad. Her comment was, “if I am going to be feel bad, then I might as well feel bad doing something I love.” This is where some of my push comes from.

I could share lots about my Mom. Two gifts from her that have meant so much. Number one, I will call quiet affirmation. Wherever her children were involved, she showed up. I don’t remember hearing, “Are you sure you can do this? What will people think? How are you going to support yourself?” There was always a trust and confidence. When I was a teenager and was heading out for fun, her words would ring in my ears, “We trust you”. That is a heavy burden at 16, but I never forgot it.

Growing up, my Dad was the orchestrator of family trips, but as adults my Mom took on this role. Four children, four spouses, and nine grandchildren are often a challenge to organize in one spot. I mentioned bossy earlier; however, I would like to say that all of my siblings could be labeled Type A/ bossy. Those qualities were passed on and to their progeny. Although good for leadership it’s not good for getting nineteen people to dinner or in cars on vacation. My Dad always said that there were too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

My Mom came up with the idea of taking us on cruises and other destination vacation spots. It’s amazing how teenagers and young adults can rearrange their schedules when these types of adventures are offered for free. One might say, “How can people afford this?” My parents were school teachers, gave to The Lord first, were generous to those in need and lived frugally. I always said that I had everything I needed but not everything I wanted. Only once growing up, at 10-years-old, did we stay in a motel in Jekell Island, GA. I remember this because I won second place in a sand building contest and got to pick out three comic books in the motel gift shop.

On the cruise vacations we went to sleep on the bottom floor of the ship near the steam room and crew and had different nieces and nephews sleeping in our small cabins each night. You never knew who might show up. Now the great part of these trips was not the places we went or the food we ate, but it was the fact that we were together. All of the older children got to know each other as adults and the grandchildren who were scattered across the country grew up loving each other. It was a place where we could laugh, pray and sometimes cry. These safe times have carried us when we left each other and the seas of life were not always as smooth.

I know that Mother’s Day can be painful for so many because the memories are not happy. There is a hole there that The Lord has to fill. I have seen that in other areas of my life. I guess The Lord knew I needed a kick start and gave me a Mom who provided me affirmation and and a safe place. When I read the Bible I see The Lord wants to give this to all of us in that we are affirmed, created and loved by Him. He asks us to put our trust and confidence in Him. Jesus also gives us that safe place. The place where we know that He understands, He loves us and that He promises that He will never leave us. These thoughts are close in my heart today as I think of my Mom and the God who meets these areas perfectly in all of our lives.

“Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her; many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” Proverbs 31:28-29

Happy Mothers Day, Mom!


3 thoughts on “My Mom

  1. Thanks, Sis. I love your thoughts about Mom. I agree with all but I’m not type A. I would have never survived. : ) I love you. Tim

  2. Dear Lindy – I have been enjoying all your thoughts, and everything you have shared. I have been wanting to write to you for a while, as Peter and i have, through Sarah, been holding you in our prayers and constantly leaving you in the Lord’s Hands, during these last traumatic months.. Sometimes it is quite impossible to understand the events that happen in our lives, and we have to learn to totally trust our Heavenly Father, but boy it is difficult sometimes ! and I know you and Bill must have had some incredibly low moments. But our times are in His Hands, and we are so pleased to know from Sarah that she is back in contact with you and you are starting a new Biblical teaching ministry on Tuesday evenings. We know He will bless this greatly as you seek to know what is His overall plan for the rest of your lives and particularly as far as Ministry is concerned. We will hope to see you again soon, and please if you come to England let us know, we would love to have you to stay with us. In the meantime we send our love and prayers from across the Pond to lovely Williamsburg, and to you two very special people,May God bless you richly with our love Margaret and Peter.

  3. Priceless. We were all, if I recall (except maybe Tim, who was sweet and youngest) VERY bossy. It was just a case of who won the day, at least that day. Your Mom, Dad, in fact, your whole family are part of my heart like my own, and just about as kooky and quirky (well, maybe ours more). Your mom also was THE BEST math teacher.

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