A secret pleasure of mine is to run in the rain. I started running forty years ago; still, any day I rack up with this sport, I consider a gift. I confess, as the days roll on, I have become a little more self conscious regarding where and when I jog. It could be the mental picture I have of someone my age who just “runs in circles” around my neighborhood. It may also be my loss of freedom to wear some of the new, cute, skimpy outfits I used to wear . Today wearing these outfits which show every lump and bump would cause those passing to say under their breath, “Houston, we have a problem.” So whether I am wearing a hip Lulu Lemon outfit that my kids gave me for Mother’s Day, or a swinging Jackie Smith from K-Mart, things are not like they used to be! With this in mind, I have found some secluded spots to take my run when the rains come. There are a few people I pass, but then they have the same problem I do.

A couple of days ago, was the perfect time for me to go run in the rain. One of my favorite movies is, “Singing in the Rain”. I know I can’t compete with the Gene Kelly or Debbie Reynolds, but I can jog. The main reason I like to run in the rain is because it is refreshing. It is no substitute for a shower; but, there is something about running down a path, with the rain splashing on my face, which I find exhilarating. I am in my own world and there is a freedom–me against the elements. It is my own huge spa. When I finish and take my “real” shower there is refreshment to begin my day.

After this last adventure two days ago, I sat down with my Bible and read..

“May The Lord show mercy to the household of Onesiphorus, because he often refreshed me and was not afraid of my chains. On the contrary, when he was in Rome, he searched hard for me until he found me.” 2 Timothy 1:16-17 (NIV)

This might seem like a strange verse to jump off the page. This guy, Onesiphorous, was never the main character in a Sunday School lesson. His name sounds like it would fit better somewhere on the Periodic Table between two obscure elements. What jumped out at me was the word “refreshed”.

Mr. Phosphorous refreshed Paul. While Paul was in prison he speaks of those who abandoned him, but he has a friend that is willing to go to great lengths to find him. He is not shaken or ashamed of his friend, Paul, whom he loved. It is easy for me to think that some people just have a unique personality and gifts that reach out to others, and some of us do not. However, Onesiphorus’ name means, “profit maker.” There were probably many different ways he could have been spending his time: closing the next big deal; furthering his own interests; doing what made him feel better. I get the feeling that being refreshing was not necessarily his natural bent. Instead I think that he was listening to God and following through on what he heard God say.

This morning, what does it mean for me to be a refreshment to other people? I often have my schedule and “to do list” so locked tight that there is no room when God wants me to take an extra step in people’s lives. There is a cost, because it means that I need to put down what I think is more important. When I am open, it may mean just a walk across the street, a stop in the grocery store aisle, a phone call, a coffee date or sometimes even a plane ticket. I know that being a refreshment is more than just “coffee talk.” I know I need to take my agenda off the table and wait, watch, and prayerfully listen so someone might be refreshed from The Lord working through me.

I’ll try not to wait for my next run in the rain to make this happen. I know there are opportunities for me today to follow Mr. Oneisphorous’ example. Whatever business Mr. O laid aside to serve his friend, I join Paul in telling him that I am glad he did.


5 thoughts on “Refreshment

  1. My first read of your blogs, Lindy. Wow, it must run in the family. It was so inspiring. For me my new mantra is “It’s not about me.” , whatever the IT is. Miss you guys. What is your summer schedule? Let me know and we will call you to go on picnic on Jamestown Parkway…only on a pleasant day!!! Patty

  2. I love your thoughts on “refreshment” Lindy. I know I need to spend more time with hospitality.

  3. Just think, if half of us tried to be “Refreshers” what a more pleasant world it would be. I can’t help but think that is what brings a smile to God’s face. Thanks for refreshing me Lindy, Cathy R.

  4. You are refreshing to me. I love when your writing sounds just like you talking, as in “Houston we’ve got a problem”….Makes me smile and is “good medicine”! Thanks for all the times you refreshed me. We need some Texas Cake!

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