A Reminder

Beside my bed is a small tablet and a pen ready for any notes I might need to scribble down. Throughout the day I carry it, comparing it to a master list on my desk of things to do and things to remember. My brain capacity can only hold so much information. I need these reminders. My lists aren’t filled with life changing events; rather, things which if left undone can change the outcome of my day!

This past weekend we have celebrated Memorial Day. It was another reminder of what is important and what we do not want to forget. This year I was in Washington, DC, and gained a new and different appreciation for this day. On Sunday, I watched a “parade.” It was not your typical parade with floats, bands, and horses.

Bill and I heard the parade first. A roar of engines while riding our bicycles near the Potomac River got our attention. Minutes later we could see hundreds of men and women on motorcycles crossing the 14th Street Bridge. Arriving at the bridge we were told that there were hundreds of thousands of bikers that day and they are called Rolling Thunder. They are an advocacy group for POWs and MIA service members of all U.S. wars. Every Memorial Day they gather from all over the country and “Ride to the Wall”, referring to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The morning was moving with strong emotions of patriotism and people of all ages waving American flags. It was a visual reminder of the many who had sacrificed.

Lately, I have seen the need for some “life” reminders. These reminders are in the Bible. These truths have been anchors in my life, but at times I forget them in the midst of a difficult situation. The apostle Paul states in Romans 8:28:

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

We do not read that all which happens will be good. We do read, that if we know and trust Him, He will use difficult events, people and circumstances for our good and His glory. This good may not happen on my time table or the way that I think it should. God is doing something for the greater good of His glory and our spiritual growth and maturity.

This truth has been easy to forget when a friend’s child died in a tragic accident, a spouse left their disabled partner and family, or for the older couple approaching retirement who ended up losing their entire life savings due to unforeseen problems. These events are not good in themselves. They stink. They are heartbreaking. They leave questions like, “Why me and not them?” or “Why them and not me?” The bigger question is, “Why God?”

I ask questions. What good can come from the pain of broken relationships? What good comes from unexpected loss of life when so many are depending on those who have died? What good can come from botched surgeries? What good can come from divorce? What good can come when those who are supposed to love each other and yet, seem bent on destroying each other with their words, actions and unforgiving hearts? Why? This is where I need this important life reminder. It can shine biblical light on a dark moment or emotion. It is a reminder of what is true, right, and good no matter what I am feeling and regardless of what is happening. These promises come from the God who gives hope.

Memorial Day and Reminder Days are important for all kinds of reasons. I have no need to ride on a motorcycle or to have a band play to be reminded of God’s work in my life. I also know I need more than scribbles on a notepad. I need to slow down and remember with intention.

Those people on their motorcycles came with intention to DC. Their motto is, “Always Remember.” They taught me a lesson I didn’t expect to learn when I first heard their roar.


3 thoughts on “A Reminder

  1. A wonderful reminder, Lindy, thank you… of Eucharisteo-thanksgiving-always precedes a miracle. Ann Voskamp-One Thousand Gifts
    Your life certainly lives this out.

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