The God Card

Political elections are in full swing. Okay, it is more than full swing. It is a knock-down, drag-out fight.  Candidates are swinging at each other with any verbal abuse they can muster. To make themselves look better some use the God card. This is communicated through the words they use or the people with whom they pose in pictures. Evidently it is a way to solicit votes, even if they throw rocks at their opponents.

Politicians are not the only ones using the God card. We all do. Yesterday, my daughter, Laura, and I were talking about those who bring Jesus into their conversation as if He is a trump card. They want a stamp of approval on what they say and do and use a verse or prayer to back it up. The sad part is that it is hard to see how God condones any of these actions. Words, lack of words, pride, judgment, shunning, arrogance and one’s own personal pain can be used to hurt others. Often, the God card is pulled. Laura wisely said that people might want to leave God out of their conversations when their actions and words are so screwed up.

What is my take away? I am seeing the need to filter what I hear and what I say. Reading the newspaper, looking at the news, or engaging in a conversation with someone who is sharing information has taken on a new perspective. I am not dismissing what I hear, but I know information is not always communicated accurately. Secondly, I want to be careful in what I am saying to others. A good friend gave me a nugget in this department when she said, “Words don’t always work”. For some reason it has taken me several decades to have this “ah-ha” moment.

The trump card (and I don’t mean Donald) in my life has taken on new meaning. It involves not only what I am saying and doing, but what is going on inside me. There is no need to put on a show and try to impress when God is my audience. This takes off the pressure whether it is on Election Day or this beautiful first day of summer!


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