Who would have thought that a girl who is a native Floridian and wild about the Gators would go into ministry 40 years ago?  I thought if I was a missionary I would have to marry an ugly guy and go over on a banana boat to Africa! That did not happen.

Who would have thought that I would settle in Williamsburg, Virginia 34 years ago with my husband, Bill.  Our three daughters are native Virginians and one has brought along a wonderful son-in-law. The latest gift is our incredible grandson.

Who would have thought that God is taking all the happy and sad, funny and tragic, good and bad, joyful and sorrowful, easy and painful parts of my life and He is creating a story? It is easy to look back at the past or into the future and spend all of our time with questions like- if, when and then.  I am finding the freedom to live in the present with what is the here and now. I am seeing God put some of these paradoxes together.

Who would have thought that you might want to join me on this adventure?  I am honored that you would and my prayer for you is that you would see Jesus in your life and be able to stand back in amazement and say, Who would have thought?

Thank you for settling in,

Lindy Warrick


8 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the word picture you paint of Jesus combining the loose threads of my life into a tapestry of His creation. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Lindy: so excited about reading your thoughts on Jesus and what He is doing. Love the idea – who would have thought. I can say that about so many things in my life. Have you ever heard of Dan Allender? He does workshops on how to connect all the different parts of our story and write one story. I tend to look at all my stories in a disjointed way but somehow Jesus weaves them together. Haven’t really figured that part out yet. Keep writing!

    • Lisa, I am just getting around to learn how to respond!! Still lots to learn! Thanks for your comments. Yes, I love Dan Allender’s books and thought about him after I wrote this. Hope all is well at your home and hope to see you soon. Much Love. PS thanks for reading!

  3. I love the way you express yourself, Lindy. It’s clear from your writings that Jesus has shown you He is the reason for all you have, are and will experience. I’ve always loved the way Dick Woodward described what it would be like in Heaven where we would see clearly all these events and can finally say, “OH.” Looking forward to following your Blog.

  4. Lindy, what an awesome blog. Oh yes, Who would have thought? I could write for months. So happy to hear a word from you. So so happy.
    Melinda Outlaw

  5. I have just discovered your life notes and they are beautifully written. I look forward to following your Blog.

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